About An Unknown Kraftsman


Welcome Wayfarer to An Unknown Kraftsman!

I’m a Humanist Chaplain  & Wayfarer helping others to cultivate life via:

  • Łife Rhythms & Rituals such as:  Weddings, Coming-of Age ceremonies, Solstice/Equinox rituals, Divorce Ceremonies, Memorials & Baby Namings
  • Creativity Consulting- working together with artists and other creative talents to actively breakthrough barriers to creativity
  • Community Outreach  direct action in the world as it is. I have leadership experience in trauma-informed Adult Education, Job coaching/training mentoring, etc.
  • I strongly advocate interfaith work for we are all one family, one Kosmos. 
  • Invocations *cough* sermons 
  • Cup bearing”  a FRIENDLY EAR to pour your joys and sorrows into, I welcome all 🙂

My view of Humanism roots itself in Nature & flows from some of the earliest expressions of Humanistic thought which arose in the East (circa 6 century B.C.E) to collect in the pool of the present .  My heart laughs its assertion that each expression of existence is a sacred goodness to be celebrated & encountered directly.  Being a student & Wayfarer inspires me to seek my own Way while helping others on theirs.

 Daily, I strive to live a disciplined life of meditation, Creative expression, learning & ADVENTURE in the hope that this will render one a more effective member of humanity while experiencing the fullness of life.

I yearn to help others paint the canvas of their lives, encouraging my sisters & brothers  to grow to their highest heights.  I help them achieve this by offering my perspective that asks do this through to persevere despite  imagined limitations. This blog is part of my personal articulation of growing meaning,  & my goal is to discover with others the fullnes of our humanity as best as one can. Thank you for your  time and kindness.

With You upon the Way, 

An Unknown Kraftsman

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