Welcome Wayfarer to An Unknown Kraftsman!

I’m a Humanist Chaplain/Wayfarer helping others to cultivate life via:

  • Łife Rhythms & Rituals such as:  Weddings, Coming-of Age ceremonies, Solstice/Equinox rituals, Divorce Ceremonies, Memorials & Baby Namings
  • Creativity Consulting-  offering a clergy person’s perspective while working to with artists & others to actively breakthrough barriers to creativity
  • Community Outreach   I believe that clergy should work within the community with direct action as a guide. In my capacity as clergy, I have  worked hard  in the human & helping services to  propel others FORWARD in their lives.
  • I strongly advocate interfaith work for we are all one family, one Kosmos.
  • I gladly give Invocations/sermons
  • Cup bearing” I am available as a FRIENDLY EAR to pour all your joys and sorrows into. Faithless? Faithful? I welcome all 🙂

My view of Humanism roots itself in Nature & flows from some of the earliest expressions of Humanistic thought (which arose in the East (circa 6 century B.C.E), swirling through the wealth of our various traditions to collect in the  pool of the present.  My heart laughs its assertion that each expression of existence is a sacred goodness to be celebrated & encountered directly.  Being a student & Wayfarer inspires me to seek my own Way while helping others on theirs.

Daily, I strive to live a simple & disciplined life of meditative disciplines, creative expression, learning & ADVENTURE in the hope that this will render me a more effective member of humanity while opening me to the fullness of life!

I yearn to help others paint the canvas of their lives; encouraging my sisters & brothers  to grow to their highest heights.  I help them achieve this by working with them in the here-and-now.   I share my perspective to help inspire perseverance despite imagined  & real limitations. This blog is part of my personal articulation of growing meaning & I hope discover with others the fullness of our humanity as best as one can. Thank you for your  time and kindness.

With You upon the Way,

An Unknown Kraftsman


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