La Vida

Happy Summer Solstice!

Dear Traveller,

Hello! A very happy SUMMER SOLSTICE to you! How are you doing this marvelous evening? As an explosion of summer blasts us w/melodies of gold & emerald, I’m hoping that your lives imbibe the daily boon of Being!

Mamá Gaia’s cosmic dance allows us to arrive into the seasons with the newness of NOW, our blooms becoming fruit. Let us close our eyes & follow our breathes in & out for a moment or two; soothing ourselves with the freshness of NOWNESS.

NOW is the time to glide along the aerials sung by summer heat & allow past and future to dissipate. With the turmoil of the world as it is, it becomes that much more urgent to carve out sacredness and clothes ourselves with the luminousness of Now! Let us Awaken to the rhythm of the Cosmos & unshackle the chains of the human world trying to confuse, divide, & nullify us. The hungry ghosts of the world stage perform their dance of death in order to continue keeping you from being fully present & engaged in the deeper play of our universe. A song of sumptuous silence unfolds from the pristine Ground of groundlessness moment to moment. From this natural magic flows the seeming alpha and omega of our lives. This spiral entwines itself throughout our day to day; always supporting w/o ever asking for gratitude or even recognition. Our unity here today is an expression & celebration of the unconditioned excellence of eternity; granting us the opportunity to step outside of both the troubles threatening and the gifts blessing. When we arrive back into our ordinary lives; let us remember that as Humanists we stand for truth, beauty, & COMPASSION. We believe in loving-kindness for ALL beings, we believe in leading sustainable lives on a healthy planet, where profit isn’t put ahead of our right to breathe. We believe in working for the liberation of all the oppressed,disadvantaged, & downtrodden because we know them to be as US! We believe in a judicious and holistic use of rational and non-rational thought to help us solve our human-created challenges with human minds and bodies as one. In our oneness will we discover what true communion is with our experience, thusly tasting grace everlasting in these fleeting moments.

In closing-I wish to express my appreciation for you, sisters & brothers, on this numinous day rejoicing in Nature. Let us witness the sentience which begins and returns back to her bosom. Now more than ever is the time to fight for what we hold & know to be sacrosanct. Our yearning to harmonize with the everyday magic of our cosmos is what makes us strong, for as the singer Bjork once said, “All is full of LOVE” 😊 Thank you.

Yours upon the Way,

An Unknown Kraftsman