Cleveland Women’s March!

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Traveling the Pristine Ground

Dear Travellers,   
  There is a river running from the root of a symphony singing our Kosmos to & through the exit of our next breath. This is the current that conducts our daily flow whether we can taste its deliverance or not.  Oftentimes, it saddens me to see that the miraculous nature of  existence is often dismissed as mundane because of how we take it for granted. (Many times, I am saddened by how often I fall into this folly too 😅)

   I ask you to consider the way the sun spreads its honeycomb of gold, surely stolen from Midas himself, across a field on fire with flowers. Why not consider the dance of a cat winding itself like wire around your ankle. What if you considerered how the breathless phenomena that we call love, no matter the language, transcends our limitations? Daily “nothing’s” such as these emanate from the cosmic seascape flowing below our conscious knowing, even though Its song conducts the movement of our embodied souls.

Calling it Being, Nirvana, Pretty-$@%#^ sweet, etc will do NOTHING to capture  the bounty Of the boundless pouring through us. All that is left for us to do is to gape in awe and gasp our ignorance. Right NOW is the flow we know pouring from leaf, thunderstorm, penitent man, murdered tribe, & asteroid collison. All joy, sorrow, & neither spring  from a ground so immaculate that it is beyond conception, yet not beyond our witnessing. It seems to me that to be continuously  conceived by what we cannot readily perceive is to be clothed in the nakedness of Mystery.

For a briefness of years, I’ve wandered this orbital plane while watching & feeling the swirling of people and planet. This witnessing has ingrained in me the truth of my own ignorance, while simultaneously opening me to to the deeper reaches of awe. This joy is so profound that it has even illumined my life amidst the shadowed reaches of my most destitute moments.

My fellow travelers, the zest that crests through us is right HERE, right NOW. I know it the way I know the cracks in concrete and the finality of my breath as it comes ’round again. I know it the way that there is not really an “I”, only blue sky bleeding through spider webs sprung like silhouettes to capture the light of the day. Walk with me and FEEL the glory that glides right by our face, without a trace .

  We are travelled by the river of reality running its course through our bones & dreams; which means we can feel and taste the truth that sight won’t speak. Through my body runs your stories, dreams, & songs; and I am honored to bear witness to how fleeting and forever you are. Thank you.

With You upon the Way,

An Unknown Kraftsman

Life Rhythm and Ritual Celebrations

Dear Traveller, 

As we make our Way through these Kosmos, we must find ways to mark & honor our voyage through life. It is an honor and a privilege to be able help you bear witness to your joys and sorrows found in the here and now. From nuptials to memorials, I will be there for you!


Valley of the Kosmic Wind

Dear Wayfarer,

As one sits here hearing the wind blow, my Root moves to the melody of Nature’s Strings. One cannot help but be captured by the Constant which creates quasars, trees, & voices losing themselves within the breeze.

What is this? One doesn’t know, the intellect seeks to know, yet who is this seeking? 

 All these words fail to say what this MEANS & fall away at the place where Silence reigns.

  One believes that the experience and search for the numinous  arises prior to the erection of temple or church;  for  wouldn’t  there 1st be deep meaning needs burning that must be quenched?  Since a child, one has drank moonlight & felt rapture before the storm. As these words pour through me, the breeze again moves across my skin & one is transported elsewhere, which is truly Here.

The symphony  of trees dancing is akin to the openness one senses as sentiment speaks through a mortal hand. One celebrates this marriage of Thought & Feeling, body and mind, Heaven & Earth which is where we must feast! Come drink with me this wine of Being & become drunk & delirious! For a moment, throw away the future, past, & amble with me down these streets winding into a valley. There songs bounce off cliffs & into the Ear that hears the speech of dreams drumming their insistence to be listened to.

With you upon the Way,

An Unknown Kraftsman