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Secular Meditation in the Park!

Join me at Secular Meditation in the Park!
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La Vida

Humanism-A Way of Life

Dear Traveller,
What is Humanism? A naturalistic Way of life dedicated to the cultivation of Human & other sentient beings in the here and now via our compassion, creativity, & reason. A Way of seeing how over 14 billion years of cosmic evolution sings its glory to & through us.
We witness the  promise & principles of Humanistic thought throughout all human eras & cultures such as ancient China, Greece, India & parts of Africa , weaving its threads within and without religious, spiritual, & secular traditions. Principles of justice, harmony, ardor for Nature, compassion, reason, doubt, & a relentless pursuit of bettering the human condition. The kaleidoscope  of history reveals these truths, be it the humanity and doubt of Lao Tzu or Rosseau concerning the social order of their respective eras, or the insight of a Steven Pinker concerning our remarkable progress in this new age. Humanism  is entirely concerned with the here & now sees the magic of reality as devoid of any supernatural origin. The various gods & spirits we create merely mirror the raw, formative power of Nature; power no different in origin than the way the eagle builds its nest in the mountains, or the spider weaving its web in the garden. Yes, marvel at how subtle & mysterious this “everyday ” happening is. What is this vastness?  Driving along the road of mystery through the vehicles of the sciences, arts, & humanities; Humanism seeks to cultivate that natural power in accord with our environment & serves as a restoration of natural divinity & dignity. We see as sacred both the spiral dance of the Milky Way and a leaf falling from its branch. We see as sacred as lending an ear and/or hand to any Traveller walking this sojourn.The transience of life affords us not only the opportunity to appreciate how wonderful Being itself is, but also allows us a chance to meet  suffering head-on & work to transform it.

In my meditation & clergy work, I’ve been fortunate to witness what is golden & green & what is savagely Crimson. Quarks, gluons, & hope seem to be what holds the human being together, & it is my calling to help us through our respective journies.

In conclusion, I’d be delighted to offer this life-affirming Way of life as a practical way of creating meaning & honoring humanity’s place within our Kosmos. The Dao says “The Human being follows the earth, earth follows the Kosmos, The Kosmos follows the Way, the way follows what is Natural”. I hope that what I’ve offered is enough to help you get lost in the wonder of it all. Thank you.
Yours upon the Way,

An Unknown Kraftsman