La Vida

What is Cupbearing?

Dear Traveller, 

   Come pour out all the waters of your anguishes and joys into my cup & feel REFRESHED! As I go about my duty while wandering the world,  I often am privileged to act as a “friendly ear” for those in need of one. It’s an opportunity to allow my brother or sister to be truly heard!  By draining away what’s flooding the soul, we clean the world one spot at a time! If my prespective is asked, it will based in encouraging the internal self-liberation/healing of the client. My Humanistic clergy principles are based in freedom, harmony, & the capacity to LOVE!  This is a FREE service, so feel free (see what I did there lol) to reach out & schedule a date/time that best works for you. Catch you in the comments section! Catch you there! 

Yours Upon the Way, 

An Unknown Kraftsman