Dear Traveler,

Are you frustrated by a lack of creative output in your life? Are you an artist, inventor, or entrepreneur looking to maximize your creativity? I will help you to grow your artistic and humanistic talents. As humanist clergy, I offer holistic support that honors creative souls striving to live their dreams in the here-and-now.

So what is creativity consulting? Creativity consulting is a collaborative process that takes a holistic approach to creating your life as best as possible. What I will do is to boldly and positively  address the blocks that get in the way of being more creative. This may involve any number of approaches because the challenges facing each person is the different. Yet, you will find that a friendly ear is often the first step down the path of creative recovery. Together we will develop your ideal  life flow help put your creative endeavors 1st. This adds value to your life because you’ll have access to tools and methods that will serve to enhance your creative mission.

Finally, I hope to encourage you to be more creative & one way to do that is to go out and make something! Another way is to retain my services and get moving towards that future calling your name. My services begin at $60 per hour and I offer discounts to students and military veterans. Why not call me today and schedule a FREE consultation? 440-941-7563. (Greater Cleveland Area.)


Yours Upon the Way,

An Unknown Kraftsman




Life Rhythm and Ritual Celebrations

Dear Traveller, 

As we make our Way through these Kosmos, we must find ways to mark & honor our voyage through life. It is an honor and a privilege to be able help you bear witness to your joys and sorrows found in the here and now. From nuptials to memorials, I will be there for you!



Dear Traveller, 

 Are you getting married? Looking for a human-centered ceremony? Allow me to help with that! My clergy services are professional, meaningful, & guaranteed to honor your love! 


Valley of the Kosmic Wind

Dear Wayfarer,

As one sits here hearing the wind blow, my Root moves to the melody of Nature’s Strings. One cannot help but be captured by the Constant which creates quasars, trees, & voices losing themselves within the breeze.

What is this? One doesn’t know, the intellect seeks to know, yet who is this seeking? 

 All these words fail to say what this MEANS & fall away at the place where Silence reigns.

  One believes that the experience and search for the numinous  arises prior to the erection of temple or church;  for  wouldn’t  there 1st be deep meaning needs burning that must be quenched?  Since a child, one has drank moonlight & felt rapture before the storm. As these words pour through me, the breeze again moves across my skin & one is transported elsewhere, which is truly Here.

The symphony  of trees dancing is akin to the openness one senses as sentiment speaks through a mortal hand. One celebrates this marriage of Thought & Feeling, body and mind, Heaven & Earth which is where we must feast! Come drink with me this wine of Being & become drunk & delirious! For a moment, throw away the future, past, & amble with me down these streets winding into a valley. There songs bounce off cliffs & into the Ear that hears the speech of dreams drumming their insistence to be listened to.

With you upon the Way,

An Unknown Kraftsman